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WoW Cameo – TDTESS sucks

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The Day The Earth Stood Still is a crappy movie. Not even Neo can save it. Wait…every movie that Keanu Reeves didn’t play Neo in sucked too. Never mind.

Anyway…near the beginning of the movie, the main character’s kid is playing a game. Guess what game!?!?! WoW! Yeppers!

That fact got more than a few laughs in the theater. I was a bit saddened by my own reaction, which was, “Meh…a human pally that sucks.”





The Hybrid, The Lich, and The Wardrobe (Part 3)

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The Wardrobe

So…I was planning on writing about gear – what I’ve upgraded, what’s still going strong, etc.

I don’t want to! I don’t have the time and I don’t think it’s that big a deal. The push to 80 is happening (and for many people, has happened) sa fast that I’m not sure much of the upgrades matter a whole lot until the ones you start getting at 80.

My rule as of now is: I take upgrades that raise anything while lowering nothing. If my old shoes have 30 Stam/Int/Spirit and my new shoes have 30 Stam and Int and 31 Spirit, done! If the new ones have 29 Int, they get sharded. I’m too short on Enchanting mats to not DE everything I possibly can, and I don’t feel like worrying about upgrades when, chances are, it’s gonna be replaced again in a few levels (or at 80, for sure.)

Still holding out with my mace from nerfed Hyjal…my prized possession. I have a feeling it’s gonna go soon, though.

Well…oh look…there’s like 50% of a normal post! Ok…maybe 30%. That’s enough, right?

Disneyland this weekend! I’m excited. I’ll be here for you on Monday, though, don’t worry. Next week I’m going to take a look at some of the macros I use to make my life easier.

And oh yeah…ding! 75!