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A Flood Of Relief

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Ok, so, ran some H Nexus with a few guildies (and a feisty female who sounded rather…attractive…in vent, Julietjuliet ;P) and figured out that yes, I am awesome (i.e. decent) and it was the tank that was lacking. We blew through the first boss with a DK tank and a warlock that was perhaps not entirely sure what game it was we were playing, and we did fine. I do get a little worried when everyone starts taking damage, but PoH does ok and our tank was great about aggro. There were times that I sat for a good 5-6 seconds with my finger on penance, waiting for something to knock the tank under 100%.

I’m thinking about speccing around a bit, playing with holy and shadow as well as disc to get a better understanding of everything I’m capable of at 80. I’ve already told some of my guildies that I’m willing to spec whatever is needed. If we wind up with enough heals, I’ll be happy to spec shadow or even go back to my dps hybrid (which I still love).

Ok, story time.

So the H Nexus group picked me up and we had four in the group. We were looking for another dps when the following took place:

Misa: “I haven’t healed as disc at 80 yet, and haven’t healed much at all in a while, so I might need a little while to get the hang of it.”

Someone: “Misa, you’re disc?”

Misa: “Yeah.”

Same Person: “So…we need a healer?”

Oh yes. I lol’d. 🙂


Some Thoughts Before Grouping

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Okay, so, I’ve been 80 for a bit, and I haven’t grouped yet, haha!

What have I been doing? Well, I handed out some enchants to my guildies, and I grabbed a stack of Armor Vellum III in case i don’t have any takers when I have mats.

I really suggest that enchanters carry at least a few vellums at all times. There have been a couple days that I’ve been short on room in the middle of some quests, and throwing some enchants on vellums dried up my excess mats and freed up some much-needed bag space. When I got to town, I just tossed them in the Gbank or asked if anyone wanted them in the mail. Anyway, managed to get to 425 and craft my new Enchanting rod (thanks random guy that switched toons and came to org to make me a Titanium Bar…if I’d been more thoughtful I’d have written your name down and given you more credit <3)

I also got a rather pleasant surprise in my tailoring. I threw out a normal plug in my guild chat, just like, “Hey, if anyone needs any [Tailoring], let me know,” and the response was amazing!

I crafted 5 or 6 Frostweave Bags, and an entire frost resist set for one of my officers, and somewhere in there I managed to make this little beauty.

Oh Yes, Magnificent Flying Carpet!

Oh Yes, Magnificent Flying Carpet!

Hurray! Also, I’m actually far enough along to make my own equips! I decided to go with the Frostsavage equips, which give up any spirit for big chunks of stamina, as well as spellpower and crit. My crit jumped from somewhere in the low 7.x% up to 11.4%, which is very nice indeed.

I flew around and figured out where I had to go to make the different cloths, and I discovered that four-day cooldowns are horribly depressing.

As for my spec, I thought I had a decent build, but after looking and Vonya’s spec (thank you, as usual), I realized that I didn’t spec into Inspiration in the holy tree, so the next time I log on I’ll be heading to my trainer to respec once again.

On a side note, someone (the blog escapes me, when I find it again I’ll link it, lol) mentioned that he tends to go to the same trainer every time, and I had to admit that I have my favorite trainer in Org that I go to, mostly because he’s right next to me when I pop through a portal. But, yes, I always go to him. Every time. Sad, but true.

Anyway, I just got home from my vacation (three weeks of very, very little logged in time), and I’m getting back in the swing of regular life, work, and whatnot, so hopefully by the end of this week I can get into some Heroics and start playing around with this Disc healing nonsense.

Oh yeah, and….we converted Vonya! Hahah! Disc ftw!