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Higher Learning – A Priest’s Guide To Dalaran Mind Vision Happiness

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So…I’ve actually started playing again on a regular basis, and I have to say…I am enjoying it.I realize that many of the things I’m enjoying are things you’re probably tired of…like running Heroics, 95% of which I’m running for the first time. I’m also enjoying dailies (still, strangely), especially stuffing poor, defenseless puppies into a sack after murdering their mother, and taking them to be eaten cared for by walruses. I know, it sounds somewhat worse when you put it that way. Or better, depending on how you view the game.

Anyway, on to the actual point of the post. Higher Learning! This achievement has you running around to 8 different locations in Dalaran, searching for books that spawn roughly once every three hours. The book that spawns may not actually be the right book, and it takes like 2 minutes to run around to every location in a circle, checking every spot for the books.

A great guide can be found at There are pictures showing you exactly where each book spawns and it’s just awesome. If you’re not a priest, just go there and have fun running around. Good luck.


See, it just so happens that there is a certain place you can stand in Dalaran. In this cartain place, you can, thankfully, chain cast Mind Vision around Dalaran, targeting an NPC that is close to every book in the city. In this way, you can actually check every single location while moving…wait for it…get ready…not at all.

Now, while I was setting this up, I visited a few websites. At each, I found a certain peice of the puzzle. One had a list of the names of the NPC’s, one had an example of the macro, Wowpets had their great guide, so on. So, I’ve got your one-stop shop for everything you’re gonna need to know about using your Mind Vision to make this job easy.

The Setup

Okay, so to make this work…you have to stand in a certain place. Head over to Threads of Fate (if you don’t know where it is, just ask and NPC where to buy cloth armor) and take the stairs up to the second story, then head out onto the balcony. You should be in about this position:


From here, you’ll be able to reach everyone.

Da Macro

Ok, so now that you’re in position, you need to write your macro. It should look something like this:

/targetexact *NPC’s name here*

/cast mind vision

Easy! I know, right? It’s almost like Blizzard loves priests more than everyone else.

Now, we fill in the blanks. There are eight books, but we’re only going to make 7 macros. The reason for this is that one of the books spawns on the balcony you’re standing on, so you can manage to see that one with your own eyes.

The NPC’s are, in order:

#1 Archivist Betha – This will let you check for the book on the floor of the Dalaran Visitor’s Center.

#2 Arille Azuregaze – The bartender in the Legerdemain Lounge, lets you check for the book on the first floor, on the empty bookcase near the stove in the corner.

#3 Afsaneh Asrar – The assistant inkeeper in the Legerdemain Lounge. She walks up and down the stairs, letting you check for the book on the second floor in the bedroom, again on the empty bookcase.

#4 Archmage Celindra – Lets you check for the book on the floor of the teleportation room.

#5 Archmage Timear – Lets you check for the book on the box in the corner outside of the Violet Hold.

#6 Archmage Aethas Sunreaver – Lets you check for the book on the bottom of the shelf on the first floor of the Violet Citadel.

#7 Zidormi – Lets you check for the book on the floor on the second level of the Violet Citadel.

The Plan

Ok, so set up your macros in order. The reason for this is that you can’t actually reach all of the NPC’s form where you are. However, Mind Vision kinda…chains…off of the last person you used it on. For example, you can’t actually hit Zidormi on the second floor of the Violet Citadel, but if you hit Aethas Sunreaver, you can then cast Zidormi’s macro and you’ll jump on to her. It’s pretty cool, actually.

Anyway, all you have to do is cast the macros in order. The only jump you can’t make is from #5 to #6, so cast the first five macros, check for those books, then just cancel Mind Vision. At this point, check the balcony you’re standing on to see if the book is there. If not, cast the last two macros, rinse, and repeat.

The books despawn fairly quickly, so once you see one, get to it as fast as you can. You can mount on the balcony, so as soon as you see a book, just hit your mount button and swoop down on the unsuspecting book. Keep in mind, though, that the books that spawn aren’t always the books you need for the achievement.

Also, on many servers, I guess there’s a chat channel specifically for this achievement, named /bookclub or something like that. The reason for this is that once you read the book, it stays there for a few minutes, allowing others to come read it too. It’s usually nice to announce the book in trade or general chat, or in the achievement-specific chat channel. More than likely, that announcement will bring 3-4 people running.

If anybody has any other tips, be sure to post and let me know 🙂

Happy hunting!



Onyxia Down – Wait What?!?

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Ok, so I know it’s not that great of an accomplishment, but last night after dailies one of my guildies asked for someone to party with him so he could run in and play with Onyxia. I volunteered, and since I was about to log anyway, offered to come with.

So, trash went quickly, and lo and behold here’s Onyxia! I’ve only been in there twice before, so I was excited (lol because doing something new, however easy, excites me.) So we run in and…oh yeah…tard Klack is still firespecced.

The words “Immune” and “Epic Fail” come to mind 😉 But, it was actually funny as hell.

Anyway, long story short, there was a respec, and then the mage and the priest whupped up on Onyxia and split the awesome lootz. I got the head, which is all I wanted because I’ve always rolled like a 6 on it.

Bottom line…yeah, it’s not that big of an achievement, but doing something you don’t often do is always worth it.

The Dragon Goes Down!

The Dragon Goes Down!


Champion At Last!

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Misamane is a Champion of Undercity! I can now confirm that my strategy works on Argent Champions as well as the Black Knight.

It’s a bit annoying fighting the Black Knight…that guy tries to get range like every 5 seconds, so you have to stay on your toes. On the other hand, he seems a bit easier than any of the Champions.

More on the Champion dailies and dual spec later this week!


Another Update – The Allies and Kissing Frogs

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After completing Lance A Lot, I can confidently say that my strategy works on all the Alliance valiants as well as the Horde. Thanks to Nanthee for letting me know we could beat up on the Allies.

Also…a quick word on the kiss-a-frog-find-a-princess weapon quest. If there’s someone else kissing frogs with you, and they find a princess first…just talk to her. Quest done. Whoot! Many thanks to the Night Elf who found the princess about 8 seconds after I showed up.


A Quick Update And Some Fun New Ideas

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Just a couple things…

After three days of following my own advice in The Grand Melee, I can assure you that the same strategy works on every race. Well, every horde race. I tend to grab Orc/Blood Elf/Undead if I can, but if there’s a lot of people around I grab Blood Elf/Tauren (from what I’ve seen, the least picked race on our server) and try to grab an Orc when I can. Orcs are the funnest for me for some reason. Anyway, sometimes when five or more people are going at it all at the same time, throwing down with a Tauren can help you keep track of exactly who you’re fighting.

Now let’s do…a guide to the order in which to do things! (for Valiants) Grab all 5 dailies (kill 10 scourge, the crappy mounted one outside Icecrown Citadel, whatever weapon one you get, and the wood/stone ones form the little punks outside) and then go this way…

1. Walk outside and complete The Grand Melee.

2. Hop on your mount, proceed southwest until you get to the “Kill 10 scourge” area. Do it.

3. Mount up, fly south to the stupid mounted daily. Be annoyed. Finish it.

4. Remount and fly east. At this point, if you have the weapon quest where you have to get the flowers, stop at the big dam and grab your 4 flowers. If not, just fly past to the Great Tree in Crystalsong.

5. Get your 12 pieces of lumber. At this point, if you need to kill the fire elemental guy for the “melt the ice princess” weapon quest, fly east and kill him. If not, um…don’t.

6. Ok, here’s the choose-your-own-adventure step. If you have to bring the flowers to the lake, fly southeast from the Great Tree and give her the flowers. If you killed the fire guy in step 5, fly to the lake and unfreeze the princess. If you’re unlucky enough to get the frog quest, fly to Grizzy Hills and do that. (Note: The lake you’re looking for is the only one southeast of Grizzlemaw, I know, it’s not marked.)

7. So now, whatever weapon quest you had, it’s done. All you should have left now is the stone quest. If you kissed the frogs, just mount and fly up to Grom’arsh Crash Site. If you de-iced the princess, take the flighpath form Camp Winterhoof. If you brought the flowers to the lake, fly northeast to Light’s Breach and take the flightpath.

8. From the Grom’arsh Crash Site, just go a bit north to the place with the little mechano-gnomes on their stupid little chickens. There are stones everywhere…you usually don’t even have to fight anything to get the 15 pieces you need.

9. With everything done, fly straight from Grom’arsh to the Tournament grounds and relish in your awesomeness.

Argent Tournament – Valiant – Grand Melee strat

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Ok, so, after three days of dailies I am now officially a valiant of the Argent Tournament. Be prepared for a bullcrap daily where you get raped by gargoyles and men on horses (not pleasant.)

But let’s move on…The Grand Melee! In this daily, you have to challenge three NPC Vailants and defeat them. I tried the crazy, running around awesomeness thing, and summarily got beat a few times. Considering those practice runs, I quickly figured out the easiest, fastest way to win every time.

Charge yoru Defend up to its full three charges before talking to the NPC. As soon as you trigger the fight, spin around (to track the NPC as they move into the center of the ring/area) and spam Thrust. During this time, throw up a Defend to make sure it stays at full charge.

When the NPC tries to put distance between you, wait until they’re far enough away to Charge, and immediately Charge them. When you do, you’ll hit them and then the momentum will carry you past them for a bit. Use this to your advantage.

As soon as you charge through your opponent, begin turning ( I prefer turning left.) The idea is to have the momentum carry you in a circle straight around and back into the face of the NPC. About three-quarters of the way through the circle, throw out a Shield-Breaker. When the circle completes, go back to spamming Thrust.

Again, this is probably a good time to Defend and make sure it’s staying at full charge. The NPC will take this for a bit, then try to put distance between you again. Charge, turn, Shield-Breaker, Defend, Thrust, rinse, repeat.

Using this strategy, I usually wound up around 85%-92% health when I won.


Misa’s Back

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So, 3.1 hit, Misa got online, jaunted through the Argent Tournament dailies, snatched some wolvar pups up in a bag, delivered them to talking walruses, turn, walk away, don’t look back, don’t ask questions. Etc.

Fun times, I must admit. Someone posted a long explanation about how stupid the Tourney is if you think about it, but that very insightful logic aside, it’s pretty fun!

Really, they could have skipped all the content, given me the lance, and called it a day. My GOD that thing is cool looking. And by cool looking, I mean cool looking when it’s on my back and I’m in shadowform flying on mah Carpet (it’s a very fast rug.)

Lets see…I don’t have the funds for dual spec, but when I get them I’ll be going Shadow/Disc (right now I’m shadow because all I’m doing is quests and dailies to raise the other 600g I need. More on my thoughts about dual spec once I actually have it.

And…I haven’t raided once in WotLK, so I’m certainly in no condition to get into Ulduar, so I can’t tell you about that. Oh yeah…I forgot to swim around on my mount, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

So…for now, dear reader(s), I shall retire.

🙂 _Misa