About Me

Hello! Are you so bored that you got to this page? Well, my friend, your efforts have been rewarded.

My Toons

My main is, of course, Misamane. She’s a disc priest, as you may well have guessed by the title of the blog. She’ll usually be the one posting here.

Other toons of note are:

Risenagain – Death Knight. He’s not very bright, but when he’s not facerolling in WoW, he occasionally facerolls through a blog or two. Expect random things when he decides to post.

Misakune – In a word, sexy. This rogue tends to stay away from the blog, but when she does show up, it won’t be nice. She tends to rant, and rant hard. Just be ready.

Dotdotdot –  A warlock of semi-epic proportions. He’s really getting drunk in Org waiting for Misa to hit 80 and send him some sweet account-bound equips so he can melt faces without all the hassle of…trying. He’ll post what he wants, and you can be sure you’ll read it.

Da Blog

If you came here looking for top-notch theorycrafting, perfect breakdowns of the discipline tree, the build that will singlehandedly change your life, and the end of the rainbow, keep looking.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have all the answers. But, what you will get here is everything I learn, everything that works for me, and more importantly, everything that doesn’t.

I got sucked into this whole blogging thing after reading Egotistical Priest, and decided to start a blog to share the joy that I’ve found in speccing Disc.

It will be a journey filled with everything fun and informative, and I invite you you come along.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Honest (s)Crap.
    Just wanted to say, i really love reading your blog, and since im “supposed” to notify those who’s blog you recommend in this ‘Honest (s)Crap’ (the latest blogger craze) this is me notifying you 🙂
    hope there will be more posts soon.

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