A Quick Update And Some Fun New Ideas

Just a couple things…

After three days of following my own advice in The Grand Melee, I can assure you that the same strategy works on every race. Well, every horde race. I tend to grab Orc/Blood Elf/Undead if I can, but if there’s a lot of people around I grab Blood Elf/Tauren (from what I’ve seen, the least picked race on our server) and try to grab an Orc when I can. Orcs are the funnest for me for some reason. Anyway, sometimes when five or more people are going at it all at the same time, throwing down with a Tauren can help you keep track of exactly who you’re fighting.

Now let’s do…a guide to the order in which to do things! (for Valiants) Grab all 5 dailies (kill 10 scourge, the crappy mounted one outside Icecrown Citadel, whatever weapon one you get, and the wood/stone ones form the little punks outside) and then go this way…

1. Walk outside and complete The Grand Melee.

2. Hop on your mount, proceed southwest until you get to the “Kill 10 scourge” area. Do it.

3. Mount up, fly south to the stupid mounted daily. Be annoyed. Finish it.

4. Remount and fly east. At this point, if you have the weapon quest where you have to get the flowers, stop at the big dam and grab your 4 flowers. If not, just fly past to the Great Tree in Crystalsong.

5. Get your 12 pieces of lumber. At this point, if you need to kill the fire elemental guy for the “melt the ice princess” weapon quest, fly east and kill him. If not, um…don’t.

6. Ok, here’s the choose-your-own-adventure step. If you have to bring the flowers to the lake, fly southeast from the Great Tree and give her the flowers. If you killed the fire guy in step 5, fly to the lake and unfreeze the princess. If you’re unlucky enough to get the frog quest, fly to Grizzy Hills and do that. (Note: The lake you’re looking for is the only one southeast of Grizzlemaw, I know, it’s not marked.)

7. So now, whatever weapon quest you had, it’s done. All you should have left now is the stone quest. If you kissed the frogs, just mount and fly up to Grom’arsh Crash Site. If you de-iced the princess, take the flighpath form Camp Winterhoof. If you brought the flowers to the lake, fly northeast to Light’s Breach and take the flightpath.

8. From the Grom’arsh Crash Site, just go a bit north to the place with the little mechano-gnomes on their stupid little chickens. There are stones everywhere…you usually don’t even have to fight anything to get the 15 pieces you need.

9. With everything done, fly straight from Grom’arsh to the Tournament grounds and relish in your awesomeness.


2 Responses to “A Quick Update And Some Fun New Ideas”

  1. A little hint: You might want to grab the Alliance riders as well if you want to complete the achievement Lance a Lot (http://www.wowhead.com/?achievement=2836) 🙂

  2. Lol, I haven’t even looked at the achievements for any of this, and I didn’t know you could even challenge the Alliance riders.

    Thanks for letting me know! I’ll try that tomorrow.


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