Argent Tournament – Valiant – Grand Melee strat

Ok, so, after three days of dailies I am now officially a valiant of the Argent Tournament. Be prepared for a bullcrap daily where you get raped by gargoyles and men on horses (not pleasant.)

But let’s move on…The Grand Melee! In this daily, you have to challenge three NPC Vailants and defeat them. I tried the crazy, running around awesomeness thing, and summarily got beat a few times. Considering those practice runs, I quickly figured out the easiest, fastest way to win every time.

Charge yoru Defend up to its full three charges before talking to the NPC. As soon as you trigger the fight, spin around (to track the NPC as they move into the center of the ring/area) and spam Thrust. During this time, throw up a Defend to make sure it stays at full charge.

When the NPC tries to put distance between you, wait until they’re far enough away to Charge, and immediately Charge them. When you do, you’ll hit them and then the momentum will carry you past them for a bit. Use this to your advantage.

As soon as you charge through your opponent, begin turning ( I prefer turning left.) The idea is to have the momentum carry you in a circle straight around and back into the face of the NPC. About three-quarters of the way through the circle, throw out a Shield-Breaker. When the circle completes, go back to spamming Thrust.

Again, this is probably a good time to Defend and make sure it’s staying at full charge. The NPC will take this for a bit, then try to put distance between you again. Charge, turn, Shield-Breaker, Defend, Thrust, rinse, repeat.

Using this strategy, I usually wound up around 85%-92% health when I won.



9 Responses to “Argent Tournament – Valiant – Grand Melee strat”

  1. I tried doing this daily before work this morning and got my butt severely kicked. I got 1 NPC down, but got myself killed at least 5 or 6 times before I had to leave. I’ll try your strategy when I get home tonight.

    I’ve heard something about each race of NPCs having different strategies for fighting you – have you noticed this? I believe it was on WoW Wiki where I read it!

  2. I used this strategy on a Tauren, an Orc, and a Troll for my three wins, and it worked fine all three times. None of them seemed to do anything different than the others.


  3. Nice… I haven’t had time to do these dailies but this is a good write up and I will use it tomorrow AM when I have time to try this quest hub out!

  4. Thank you so much, worked like a charm! šŸ™‚

  5. Thanks alot… won 3/3, no problems.

  6. Missleeroy Says:

    Thanks for the tip to check out your blog!
    This works so Perfectly! When I first read it went and tried it, didn’t work as well as I thought it would, then I re-read it and I realized I forgot to keep 3 stacks of Defend up at all times. As soon as I changed that, it worked perfectly! Thanks again for the tip

    ~Missleeroy – Blackwing Lair (horde Belf pally)

  7. @ Missleeroy

    Hehe, thanks for the comment, and thanks for the help with Chillmaw!

  8. Missleeroy Says:

    šŸ™‚ lol anytime

  9. DUDE, you are a God, THANK YOU!!

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