Misa’s Back

So, 3.1 hit, Misa got online, jaunted through the Argent Tournament dailies, snatched some wolvar pups up in a bag, delivered them to talking walruses, turn, walk away, don’t look back, don’t ask questions. Etc.

Fun times, I must admit. Someone posted a long explanation about how stupid the Tourney is if you think about it, but that very insightful logic aside, it’s pretty fun!

Really, they could have skipped all the content, given me the lance, and called it a day. My GOD that thing is cool looking. And by cool looking, I mean cool looking when it’s on my back and I’m in shadowform flying on mah Carpet (it’s a very fast rug.)

Lets see…I don’t have the funds for dual spec, but when I get them I’ll be going Shadow/Disc (right now I’m shadow because all I’m doing is quests and dailies to raise the other 600g I need. More on my thoughts about dual spec once I actually have it.

And…I haven’t raided once in WotLK, so I’m certainly in no condition to get into Ulduar, so I can’t tell you about that. Oh yeah…I forgot to swim around on my mount, but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

So…for now, dear reader(s), I shall retire.

🙂 _Misa


2 Responses to “Misa’s Back”

  1. Lol I was Shadow but went Disc for the first time ever with the 3.1 respec. I haven’t had a chance to try the Argent Tourny yet but I plan on giving it a go tonight on my Priest and Warlock. Go go Holy Fire/Smite spams!

  2. If you’re hurting for gold and get tired of the dailies consider going the inscription route. Glyph money is very good for the time being even though the market is completely overloaded. I easily sell my selection of glyphs for 15g each… 170 auctions currently running 😛

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