BobTurkey’s Guest Post!

Alright, the first (and only, so far) guest post is here! Many thanks to BobTurkey for the great post! –Misa

I’m going to break every superstitious belief I have and jinx myself right off the bat.  The upcoming mana regen nerf isn’t going work!  Well at least not for Disc priests like me. Here’s why:

“Regeneration while not casting (outside of the “five second rule”) will be decreased. We think that (1) the ability to cast heal over time spells and then sit back and (2) benefiting from a clear casting proc that also gets you out of the five second rule both provide too much mana regeneration, even over short time periods.

To make this change, we are reducing mana regeneration granted by Spirit across the board. However we are also boosting the effects of talents such as Meditation that increase regeneration while casting. The net result should be that your regeneration while casting will stay about the same, but your not-casting regeneration will be reduced. This change will have little impact on dps casters, since they are basically always casting.

The specific talents and abilities being boosted are: Arcane Meditation, Improved Spirit Tap, Intensity, Mage Armour, Meditation, Pyromaniac and Spirit Tap. Yes this makes these “mandatory” talents even more mandatory, if such a thing is possible.”

Nerfing spirit, but buffing Meditation right?  So the way I understand this, we are going to have less mana regen outside the 5 second rule (OS5SR), but about the same inside the 5 second rule (IS5SR). Meh. Disc priests, like DPS casters, already spend a lot of their time IS5SR. So yeah… *tumbleweed rolls past*

Disc priests already consider spirit a low priority, and this is really just going to make it the ugly duckling.  Who is going to want spirit?

“We are also taking a close look at clear casting procs themselves. One likely outcome is to change them to an Innervate-like surge of mana so that the net benefit is the same, but healers won’t shift to out-of-casting regeneration so often.”

Clear casting procs… what are they again?  Disc priests have a grand total of zero ways of getting clear casting procs, so this has no effect on us.

“We balance around the assumption that even 10-player groups have someone offering Replenishment. To make this even easier on players, we are likely to offer this ability to additional classes, as well as make sure that existing sources of Replenishment are more equitable.”

More Replenishment!  Yay!  Disc priests love Replenishment, as we usually have big mana pools. Currently, Replenishment in raids means pretty much unlimited mana for Disc priests. So more unlimited mana means the mana nerf is actually a buff for Disc priests right?

“These changes are ultimately being done to bring the different healing classes more in line with each other as well as to give the encounter team more leeway when designing encounters, who can balance with these new mana regeneration numbers in mind. In a world with infinite healer mana, the only way to challenge healers is with increasingly insane amount of raid damage, so that global cool downs become the limiting factor since mana fails to be. An example is the Eredar Twins in late Sunwell. We weren’t necessarily happy with that model, and this change hopefully allows us to move towards giving healing a more deliberate and thoughtful pace rather than frenetic spam.”

I like the idea. I’m just not sure if this is going to balance the healing classes.  It seems to be a nerf to Holy Paladins, Holy Priests and Resto Druids, a slight buff to Disc Priests and Resto Shaman, well, no change? I’m not familiar enough with them to decide.

My current raiding experience has Holy and Disc priests about evenly balanced (when you include damage absorption) with Holy Palys lagging a little behind.  Resto Shaman and Druids are about on par with the priests depending on the fights. Maybe I’m completely wrong on the balance thing, but assuming I’m not, then perhaps a slight increase in the mana cost of individual spells would be more effective way of reducing the mana glut. Or perhaps *hits self with nerf bat* reducing the size of mana pools. I realize this decreases he value of Replenishment, which seems to be a favored child ATM, but it might be an option.

Raid buffed, I have around a 23K mana pool. With Replenishment I get 57 mana per second or 287 MP5. That pretty much doubles my mana regen IS5SR, and the current “nerfs” aren’t going to effect it.

So I’ve written all this and some of you are thinking, “Well it’s stated that it’s aimed at reducing the effectiveness of players using heals-over-time and clear casting to stay OS5SR.  So it’s not aimed at Disc Priests.”  You’re right its not.  But perhaps it should be? *hits self with nerf bat again*  I can’t remember the last time I went OOM in a fight, and I don’t think I have since 3.0.2. I only rarely need to use my Shadow Fiend. I’ve used maybe half a dozen mana pots since Wrath was released. Perhaps I should be targeted?

Anyway, I imagine that the game designers do some modelling of mana regen using some typical scenarios to decide on how they are going to alter the system, so perhaps the quoted changes are the most effect way of decreasing mana regen. *shrugs*

Either way, the game will still be here and it will still be playable, the playing field will have just shifted slightly for some players.  For Disc priests, the grass is certainly looking relatively greener.

Gobble gobble.


5 Responses to “BobTurkey’s Guest Post!”

  1. I think Disc priests are going to be affected by this. I can tell by your I5
    SR mana regen that you are most definately not stacking spirit right now. This means that your casting regen is somewhat weak compared to holy priests who do stack (ie, my casting regen is in the 325 range). Generally it evens out because Disc priests run circles around holy when it comes to mana pool. Your raid buffed mana is about 2500 more than mine.

    Because of the way that they’re discussing getting the job done, I believe you’re going to get less returns on meditation then a holy priest will after the nerf. You’ll most likely see a small drop while holy will see a slight buff. The reason for this is that no matter what formula they finally go with to determine the nerf, at a certain number people will stay the same for casting regen. Above that number they’ll get a buff and below that number they’ll get a nerf.

    I’m no scientician or anything, so don’t quote me on any of this, but by stacking spirit we’ll have a larger OO5SR casting regen to being with and since the meditation talent works off of that number instead of your spirit total, logic would seem to dictate that eventually at larger numbers it has the potential to outscale what we are currently seeing. Of course it’s all going to depend on what kind of buff we see to meditation and what else the devs are planning for the talent trees. Either way though, I predict that there will be much QQ in the future on priest sites.

  2. Nope i’m not stacking Spirit, your right. In fact i’m gearing away from spirit and even MP5 (putting the gear in the bank for later tho). My casting regen might be weak compared to holy priests stacking Spirit but it is irrelevant until I find a fight where I’m going OOM more regen is valueless.

    You might be right about OO5SR regen vs IS5SR regen. It depends on exactly how these are changed.

    Yes there will be QQ no matter what happens 😉

    Gobble gobble.

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  4. I must admit I have not looked at spirit since TBC.

    I prefer holy and shadow but I dont think this changes will be too drastic.

  5. @Dueg

    From everything I’ve read, they’re not changing the formula, just the end value, so you’ll have 60% of what you do now for your OO5SR regen. And meditation will be 50% of that 60%. Which will leave IS5SR regen exactly where it is currently.

    The real gutting of disc mana regen is the rapture change.

    My gut feeling is that holy will end up being the sexier of the two specs due to the guardian spirit glyph.

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