A Post To Call My Own

So, in honor of my upcoming birthday (or so I’ll delude myself into thinking), Vonya over at Egotistical Priest has felt it necessary to grace her site with a post expounding on an email I sent her.

I urge everyone who blogs that comes here and doesn’t go to Ego (there’s a set of requirements that I’d be surprised if even one person met) to read that post, because it’s 100% true. If you want people to know you, comment. If you want, comment on my blog (I beg you) to let me know you’re here!

Also, the issue of not updating sidebars. As I read, I realized I’d bookmarked many good blogs that I keep up with, but I haven’t put them on my sidebar. So, as of today, I’ll be adding those blogs to my sidebar, in hopes that the 3-4 people who come here will then continue on to them. Give a warm welcome to:

Pew Pew Lazers!

Dragon’s Den

Angry Raid Leader


Penance Priest

Yes, yes, you’ve done well! To make it this far, you must be awesome. You can thank me later for all the amazing traffic my ever-popular site brings to you. Also, if your traffic doesn’t go up, well…yeah.

Speaking of traffic, as I hit “Publish”, I’ve gotten 155 visits so far today, eclipsing my previous best of 77 by…double+1!!




17 Responses to “A Post To Call My Own”

  1. Oh no! You missed me! 😦 jk jk jk!

    Ps. I noticed your RSS isn’t feedburner. I HIGHLY recommend it since you like to track your traffic!

  2. Lol, actually I didn’t know about you, since I didn’t check my comments until after I posted, but you’re up there now! Lol

    Lol…I must investigate this Feedburner. TBQH, I know not much about RSS-ness. Sadly. I’m a blog noob!


  3. OH there you are! Sorry didn’t equate emptyay with Some Much Needed Discipline. Fixed now 🙂

    Other than Angry Raid Leader i’d never heard of those other blogs. Checking them out right now. Thanks.

    Gobble gobble.

    PS Your Pew Pew Lazers URL is broke.

  4. Ohai! I have to say I was a little disappointed upon coming here…I rather expected something a bit different….


    Okay, maybe not, but really, the title is a little misleading… 😀

  5. Misa… check out blogazeroth.com quite helpful. I think it will give you some really good ideas and tips

  6. @teh Khol

    Which part? I try not to disappoint 🙂

    Lol you actually made me look at my title, actually look hard enough to see the subtitle, which is, sadly, irrelevant at the moment because I AM filling a healing role as Disc. So, I’m changing it! But, it also semi-inspired me to look at going back to a dps Disc build and pugging some heroics.



  7. You can check out my blog http://igotpenance.blogspot.com.
    If you dont like it dont worry about ading me but if you do then great stuff.

    Its more of a diary type blog then anything else.

  8. I’m in ur blog, makin…uh…comments. Wow, that totally fell apart. Which is what I get for commenting at 7 am.

    I’m excited to have found another blog to read. Yay! Blogs!

    Yay! Disc priest! Pew pew lazers for all!

    And I’m afraid I can’t come up with anything more relevant than that at this hour, sorry! XD

  9. I came by to check out your blog after reading (and commenting :P) on Ego’s blog. I like your style and will be back for more! 🙂 (Thought you could use the warning)

  10. @Syrana

    After perusing your blog, I am appropriately afraid. But, I hope you come back 🙂

    And good job commenting 😉

  11. pewpewlazerz Says:

    I made someone’s blog roll? Ow noes, I’ll have to update with that tailoring guide I started to write last week.. curse you! :p

  12. Mwuahaha, that’s right, you of the Light. Fear me.

    Or something like that. But don’t be too afraid! 😉

  13. OMG! I can’t wait for a tailoring guide!

    No pressure…


  14. pewpewlazerz Says:

    Well the promised tailoring guide actually turned into a bit of a monster, I cover all the professions now, but as a caster tailoring obviously got the lion’s share of coverage. It’s aimed at Frostfire Mages but if you wanted to know how to get your hands on Moonshroud Robes, Moonshroud Gloves or the very lovely Wispcloak, it’s all there. Thanks again for the link.

  15. @Misa

    There’s not a manacle or whip in sight! I thought this was a discipline focused blog! 😀

  16. -obligatory comment here-
    After all, I was begged to do so. How can I not?!
    Found the blog.
    Perusing archives now.
    will comment better in future. 🙂

  17. Hahaha.

    Obligatory comments are totally the best kind. Lol.

    Perusing my archives will take about as long as you spent writing your comment.

    I promise someday Ill start posting again!


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