A Sudden Spike


Haha! I have discovered the secret of traffic! Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised so see such a large jump. So, from now on, all my posts will talk about Ego, in order to get the most traffic possible. 🙂 Hehe just kidding, but thank you, Ego, for the one-day boost to my…um…ego…

Anyway, I managed to grab a heroic Utagarde Keep run last night, and the result was…disastrous to say the least.  After the first two rooms we had wiped approximately 4 times, and that’s when I called it quits. (i.e. I was so annoyed that I just held the power button on my laptop until it shut off and went off to do other things.)

I was worried at first that my healing skills were lacking, and I’m sure they’re probably not up the level they should be, but I mean…PoM before the pull, immediate renew, pennance, PW:S, flash heal, in that order, all as fast as I could cast them, and the tank would still be around 35%-45% health and then drop like a rock, and then we’d quickly follow suit.

But, I was assured that it was the tank, not me 🙂 Next time, I shall get a new tank!

I’m going to try again today, and if I still can’t make it work…I’ll just respec shadow and act like this healing business never happened.



4 Responses to “A Sudden Spike”

  1. Heh heh. I found an insightful post about tailoring in Wrath was a traffic winner too.

    *logs onto blog to post about Ego*

    Your heroic UK run is identical to my first one. At first I thought it was me but then I came to blame the tank as I think his defence wasn’t high enough. My 2nd run with a well geared tank (in H UK) went beautifully until the last boss.

  2. Haha, make sure to say her name at least twice, just in case.

    Yeah, like my next post says, it really was the tank’s fault, and my H Nexus run went great until I had to leave.

  3. stupid mage Says:

    Yup, it was the tank.

  4. Ha! fantastic. As a fellow priest blogger trying to get more traffic… I (rather anally) check my daily hits and links, trying desperately to get more traffic my way… links from other blogs. I feel you! I highly recommend trying to get a chance to write a guest post on another blog. That is what I did over at Matticus’s so… here’s to hoping! Good luck to you, and keep bloggin!

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