A Flood Of Relief

Ok, so, ran some H Nexus with a few guildies (and a feisty female who sounded rather…attractive…in vent, Julietjuliet ;P) and figured out that yes, I am awesome (i.e. decent) and it was the tank that was lacking. We blew through the first boss with a DK tank and a warlock that was perhaps not entirely sure what game it was we were playing, and we did fine. I do get a little worried when everyone starts taking damage, but PoH does ok and our tank was great about aggro. There were times that I sat for a good 5-6 seconds with my finger on penance, waiting for something to knock the tank under 100%.

I’m thinking about speccing around a bit, playing with holy and shadow as well as disc to get a better understanding of everything I’m capable of at 80. I’ve already told some of my guildies that I’m willing to spec whatever is needed. If we wind up with enough heals, I’ll be happy to spec shadow or even go back to my dps hybrid (which I still love).

Ok, story time.

So the H Nexus group picked me up and we had four in the group. We were looking for another dps when the following took place:

Misa: “I haven’t healed as disc at 80 yet, and haven’t healed much at all in a while, so I might need a little while to get the hang of it.”

Someone: “Misa, you’re disc?”

Misa: “Yeah.”

Same Person: “So…we need a healer?”

Oh yes. I lol’d. 🙂


5 Responses to “A Flood Of Relief”

  1. alwaysadifferentname Says:

    I’m so pleased for you that concerns sorted themselves out. It is sooo depressing watching your tank die while you do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to keep them up. Makes you feel terrible too. So it sounds like you will stay a disc healer for a bit longer then?

    Something that I used to do (no need right now, *still* not lvl 80 so still no heroics for me yet /sob) is keep the armory open to look at prospective group members to avoid potentially unpleasant PUGs before they destroy my morale. If the tank is trying to run a heroic wearing level 75 greens, everyone is in for a world of hurt. When this happens, queue the urgent tells from a guildy that desperately needs some help.

    Also, you mentioned that you were going with “PoM before the pull, immediate renew, pennance, PW:S, flash heal, in that order.” Based on my limited understanding of disc healing, this seems to be valid opening, although I think I would go with PW:S before pennance to get the benefit from renewed hope, and since pennance doesn’t consume borrowed time, you’ll benefit from the BT for pennance AND still have it available for your flash.

    PoM before the pull, while fine right now, is only fine because of a bug. Apparently PoM currently isn’t assigning threat anywhere, but once Blizz “fixes” it the priest will be assigned the threat associated with the heal. I imagine that this could result in some early aggro trouble if the tank isn’t completely up to speed. Have you heard anything about this? Personally, I’m practicing saving the PoM until the threat is more securely established.

  2. Yeah, I’m still really loving disc for healing. I’m probably gonna bounce around, as I’ve always been willing to respec for my guild as needed, but I enjoy disc healing for sure.

    I don’t keep the armory up (I should lol), but back before WotLK, I used to keep WoW Heroes (wow-heroes.com) open because it gives you an overall score in a single number, making it pretty easy to give everyone in the pug a quick look.

    We had a pretty bad ZA run back then, and when I checked out some of our dps, one guy had a score of 7. (In comparison, fresh out of my first Kara run I had around a 460)

    For the penance-before-PW:S, I have to admit that is, in general, a bad plan, for exactly the reason you pointed out. I started doing it your way in H Nexus, and the tank made it easy, because it was more like “PoM, renew, PW:S, twiddle thumbs waiting for the tank to take damage, PoM, then maybe penance.” It was a very, very nice change.

    I’m sad to hear anything about PoM generating threat, because pre-engagement PoM is a favorite of mine. However, if it starts pulling aggro off the tank at the beginning of fights, I’ll have to switch it up *cries* I hope that doesn’t happen, but now I’ll be looking into it.


  3. Those sort of group interactions are one of the primary reasons holding me back from switching from holy to disc. People just aren’t trained to accept disc as a pve healing spec yet, even though it’s been made so in WotLK.

    My greatest fear is running pugs and having to justify why high int/stam/crit gear is good for disc priests as well as mages and locks. Well, less afraid and more annoyed that I have to give a long defense of why that gear is no longer as class specific as the old days. You’d be surprised how many people get twitchy about that sort of thing.

    Keep up the good work, and let everyone know what is and is not working for you in the game.

  4. pewpewlazerz Says:

    Meh.. any spellpower gear that doesn’t have +hit on it is fair game for any healer in my opinion. That’s the way things work now and if the dps classes can’t accept that, they’re playing the wrong game.

  5. I agree. It’s hard sometimes, because I still see big numbers of +spirit and go “Omg I want that!” and I have to retrain myself to like the stam/int/crit/sp gear over something with stam/int/spi/sp. Or anything with straight Mp5.

    The good thing is, in a pug, just roll on it. If they complain, tell them your main stats are stam/int/crit. if they don’t listen, either accept that they’re too stupid to play WoW, grit your teeth, and finish out the run, or leave. If they whine about it in trade (which the losers on my server tend to do), they’ll just wind up making themselves look like total idiots, which they are.

    There’s always a certain level of etiquette involved in pugs, but once it’s determined that the pug consists of yourself and four people with hunters as mains (yeah, I said it, hehe), the etiquette rules go out the window. I think…


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