Frenzyheart vs. Oracles

The quest line that leads you to the choice between the Frenzyheart and the Oracles is one of my favorite parts of WoW thus far. It all starts when you talk to Tamara Wobblesprocket (who was adopted by gnomes at an early age and has never fully recovered). She gives you the quest The Part-Time Hunter, which leads you to Pitch, a black lion (sexy) that has been cornered by a party of Frenzyhearts. When you dispatch said lion, their leader Tracker Gekgek will complain that you stole his kill and then start you on the road to daily quest happiness.
Keep in mind…you WILL do a ton of quests. The quest where you pick a side is quest number 25 in the chain, not counting The Part-Time Hunter. I want to look at two quests really quick that may give you some trouble or be slightly confusing.

The Underground Menace

This quest isn’t hard, but it can be frustrating. QuestHelper only puts a symbol on the north shore of the wide part of the river in the very southeast part of Sholazar Basin (somewhat under the “H” in “The Skyreach Pillar” on this map. This does not help you. Serfex can actually be pretty much anywhere along either side of the river. Just walk up and down both sides. If you check out that map again, I actually found him under the “P” in Pillar. I had to ask for help to finish this one, and the general response was, “Yeah, QH doesn’t help you just have to look, lol.”

Just Following Orders

Another cakewalk as far as quests go, but this one has a twist that had some of my guildies and a lot of people in Sholazar a bit confused. This quest will switch your reputation from Frenzyheart to Oracles. You don’t have a choice. You have to do all the quests for both sides before you get to pick a side to do dailies for. Don’t panic. I’ve heard people that stop the questline after this quest, thinking they did something wrong. You didn’t! It’s the right progression. Keep going.

Near the end of the questline, there’s a quest called The Mosswalker Savior. I don’t want to ruin the storyline for you, but you have to rescue certain someones from other…someones…and until you check the body, you won’t know if you can save them or if they’ll utter their final words and pass their earthly (basinly? Northrendly?) possessions onto you before kicking the bucket. This can take some time. My first 6 checked persons died. But, near the northwest corner of the village, I managed to find a raised area where 2-3 of the buggers spawned, and they were respawning fast enough that I could check 3-4 of them before any enemies respawned. It made a quest that was rapidly getting rather annoying into a simple task.

Anyway, soon after that you get The Hero’s Burden, the last quest in the chain. It takes you into a cave to kill a lich. At 30%, the lich shields himself and releases his two prisoners…a Wolvar and an Oracle. You have to kill one of them, and the one you kill determines the faction you choose to align with. If you kill the Oracle, the corpse of the lich will give you a quest that takes you to the Frenzyheart, and vice versa.

The thing to keep in mind is that this is a daily. You can go back tomorrow, engage the lich, kill the opposite add and switch factions. The ease with which this is done makes for, I feel, an interesting mechanic, and a way to keep you coming back to Sholazar for quite a while.The thing to remember is that there is an Achievement for doing both sides’ dailies, getting exalted with each faction, and another one, Mercenary of Sholazar, for getting exalted with both.

My Advice

My advice, and how I’m doing it, is to pick the side you don’t want to be on, and suck it up and do those first. Do all the available dailies every day, get exalted, get your achievements, then switch and do the side you actually want to stay exalted with. If you don’t care about the achievements, don’t bother. Pick the side you like and go with it.

The Breakdown

Well…I’m going to look at this from a Preist’s prespective.

The Frenzyheart have one peice of cloth…the Muddled Crimson Gloves. Their trinket, the Frenzyheart Insignia of Fury, gives 71 haste rating, and when you kill an enemy that grants exp/honor, gives you a 10 second damage boost.

Revered with the Frenzyheart also gives you access to the Disgusting Jar, which takes 7 days to yield anything and so far hasn’t turned up anything worth having.

The Oracles have a cloth belt – Fishy Cinch and a wand – Shinygem Rod. Their trinket, the Oracle Talisman of Ablution, grants 71 crit rating, and when you kill an enemy that grants exp/honor, restores 5% of your total mana.

Revered with the Oracles gives you access to the Mysterious Egg, which also takes 7 days to yield anything. Four different vanity pets hatch out of the Egg, and there is a rare chance to receive a Green Proto-Drake Mount.

Who To Choose?

Personally, I’d rather have the belt over the gloves. I never seem to have a shortage of good/great gloves, but I rarely get belt upgrades I’m excited about. I have a feeling that both of these equips will be quickly replaced at 80, and I’m sure that if you’re already max level and into the raiding content, you probably won’t care about some crappy blues. This isn’t a big selling point for picking a faction, IMO, at least for clothies.

The Jar/Egg choice starts making it easier to pick a side. The Jar is basically crap…you can hold out for Frenzyheart Brew if you want, it turns you into a Wolvar for 5 minutes, and it doesn’t require a certain rep, so even if you switch to Oracles later, you can still use it.

That being said…there could be something totally awesome that gets discovered later…it’s only been a few weeks, could be that noone has gotten it yet. The first word I about a crocolisk mount (awesome quest!), I’m going Frenzyheart for sure.

But, until that time, the nod definately goes to the Oracles and their Egg. Proto-Drake mounts are awesome, and I’ll gladly carry an egg for a week for a chance to get my hands on one.

Now for the trinkets. Hands down, I’m saying the Oracle Talisman of Ablution wins. 5% mana return on every kill that yields exp/honor. Also, they’re not unique, so you can throw 2 on and get a 10% total mana return every single kill. If you’re AoE grinding, you’ll get 10% of your total mana for every single mob that dies. These things would be great for grinding!

So, for the reasons stated above, I’m obviously choosing Oracles. Also, from a lore perspective, I don’t want to feel like crap and be some badger’s slave.

I’m currently starting the rep grind with the Frenzyheart, and as soon as I hit exalted I’ll be switching to Oracles!

Which side did you choose? Why?

(This sentence puts me over 1200 words for this post, hehe.)



3 Responses to “Frenzyheart vs. Oracles”

  1. I’ve also started with frenzyheart just to switch over to oracles for the rest of the time like you. Both times I got the disgusting jar I ended up getting the brew which made me sorta sad.

    • Lol yeah it sucks that they all share cooldowns. I’m not even close to revered yet, but I hope to pick up a Brew before I switch.

  2. I picked neither. One day i might go Oracle for the pet, but otherwise I found their rewards pretty useless.

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