Guess what!?! I got a real website! So, over the holidays it’ll get worked on, and by late January the new site should launch! We’ll be going through a few changes (including a super secret name change!), and the focus of the blog will change a bit, but overall it’ll just be fancier.

I’m also acquiring guest writers – one person who plays each class other than priests. Their posts will go up on Thursdays, with Misa’s posts still hitting every Monday.

Oh yes…tomorrow I’m heading back to visit my folks for Christmas. Updates should continue as normal, but the only kink the plan might be that I don’t actually get to PLAY WoW much, and won’t have anything to write about. I’ll try to improvise.

So…what are your Christmas plans? (a blatant effort to get more comments!)


2 Responses to “Ch-ch-changes!”

  1. Alwaysadifferentname Says:

    I’ve got family coming in so I’ll be away from serious WoW playing for almost two weeks! While I’d take my family over WoW anyday, I will get behind on all my ingame goals.

    • Yeah, I’m in the middle of a pretty good (imo) post about the Frenzyheart vs. the Oracles, but I have to put it on hold to pack and get a good night’s sleep.

      Thankfully, I’ll whip out my MacBook at the various airports I stop at and get a little work done. I have actual work-work (like for my job!) I have to do, but once that’s done I’ll be back to my post.

      Oh yeah…got the real site set up today…construction starts immediately! I’m hoping to get it live mid-January, because I’ll be gone until the 3rd and I need some help from the folks around here when I get back!

      Btw..thank you for being here! Nice to know I have a reader. 🙂

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