The Filler (and Macros!)

So…not much in the way of updates this week. Sorry!! Got back from Disney, caught up on work, moved the office into a different room, knocking down a wall tomorrow…oh yeah and I’m leaving Friday to visit the folks for Christmas. Lots on my plate atm, but still no excuse to leave my reader(s) out in the cold! Today has been my first day with zero views, so it’s definately time to update!

Let’s talk about Mind Sear. I ❤ the Sear. It makes me feel extremely good about myself. Basically, I pick a target, throw up a PW:S, pop Pain and Plague on said target, and run around gathering all the enemies I can. Once gathered, I renew SW:P on the target, re-shield, and start Searing. I Sear and Sear and Sear some more, laughing gleefully as the enemies fall around me. Last night I was taking on 10-12 wasps at a time for those ungrateful Frenzyheart. The animation is also very cool, and it makes me feel badass.

Anyway. Moving on. Badassness and such. Where was I? Macros! Yes! I love them. I’d like to share a couple that I enjoy. I don’t know much about macros, to be quite honest, so if you see something I can improve on, let me and everyone else know!

Hmmm..oh yes. Around the time WotLK came out, I was getting a very cluttered screen. I’d recently discovered the happiness that is Bartender, and that allowed me to vastly improve my space, but I needed less buttons. So I began to research and make me some macros. My first macro ever was to put all my self-buffs on a single button:

/target Misamane (or “self”…but my name is purdy)
/castsequence reset=5 Inner Fire, Power Word: Fortitude, Divine Spirit, Shadow Protection

Make sure you have Inner Fire first, because it’s only a 10 min buff and you’ll be recasting it long before you need Fort and Spirit again.

Voila! Four buttons trimmed down to one spammable one. I also made a party buff macro:

/target Misamane
/castsequence  Prayer of Fortitude, Prayer of Spirit, Prayer of Shadow Protection

Basically the same thing, only for parties! What else, what else…ah! My super-easy-simple mount macro!

/castrandom [button:1] Frostwolf Howler, Great Brewfest Kodo, Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Green Skeletal Warhorse; [button:2] Swift Purple Wind Rider

Sadly, the Misa only has one flying mount 😦 For some reason, my Big Blizzar Bear refuses to work with any macro. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t respond. It got hotkeyed to Shift+B (for bear.)

Here’s one for my DoTs:

#showtooltip devouring plague
/castsequence reset=4 Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague

It’s nice because I can cast SW:P like normal, but add DP when I feel like I need it (I actually didn’t ever use DP before I made this macro, so it’s an easy way for me remember it’s available.) Recently, though, I’ve run into a problem…how to spam SW:P. Yeah. Can’t. Argh. Fortunately, I only usually spam Pain when I’m grabbing bunches of enemies for Sear or Nova, so it’s not that big a deal. I might look into changing it around if that becomes more of a problem, but for now it’s staying the way it is.

The rest of my macros are really just for fun. I’ll throw them up real quick.

Power Infusion:

/cast Power Infusion
/y %t has the power!

…and then I sing, “I’ve got the power!” to myself.

Inner Focus:

/cast Inner Focus
/y I am TRYING to oncentrate!

This one has actually made a few people laugh. Like…strangers that are near me when I cast it.

The thing to remember is that macros are meant to help! If you find a way to make your life easier with them, write some! Take some from a website. I highly encourage macros. However… anyone who has a macro that makes you yell, “Get over here!” when you cast Death Grip…no. Just no.

Not much else to talk about…I’m trying to find a topic for tomorrow’s update even as I write this.

Misa is 77 and enjoying her flying…a few bars in so far and currently a slave to the Frenzyheart. OH! I’ll write about the Fenzyheat vs. the Oracles! Yay! Cya tomorrow!



2 Responses to “The Filler (and Macros!)”

  1. Alwaysadifferentname Says:

    I love my macros too. I am usually quite picky about what I put in them and sadly I haven’t really found my priest actions to lend themselves well to using macros.

    Here are a couple that I use / have used:

    – Inner Focus + Desperate Prayer :: For emergencies when you’re conserving your mana. If IF is down, you just get DP.

    – IF + Prayer of Healing :: Situational use — when everyone needs a heal, and you need a crit for Surge of Light / Clearcasting. I don’t have PoH talented.

    I also have IF available seperately for use with GHs or whatever else might be needed.

    On boss fights, I set my focus to be the boss* and use the following when appropriate:
    – Targetfocus, send shadowfiend, targetlast
    – When a PoM is on me, targetfocus, cast SWD, targetlast

    Quick question: in your party buff macro, shouldn’t your Prayer of Shadow Protection be first since it is a shorter duration than the others? Or is it third because you use it more selectively than the other two?

    * I haven’t really seen much discussion about what I should be doing with my focus other than using it for the tank but I don’t see any reason to recommend that over what I use it for.

  2. Yes, Prayer of Shadow Protection is last because I don’t always cast it. And, if I do cast it, I figured it would be a good time to renew my other party buffs anyway.

    I find that macros boil down to personal preference. I have my attack button macro’d so that a left click attacks and right click wands, but I’m sure there are a lot of casters who wouldn’t like that setup.

    As for focus, honestly I haven’t ever used it lol. In Northrend, I’ve only run Utgarde once, Azjol-Nerub once, and I’ve done Nexus for the quests but never actually ran the whole instance. At 77, that’s the extent of my instance experience. I haven’t partied since like day 4 of the xpac lol, except for quests and such.

    But I’d think it would be nice, especially for Disc priests acting as tank healers, to set focus to the tank and build a few macros to heal the focus, so you could move freely to DPS bosses or heal other party members but be able to get back to the tank quickly (I’d assume this wouldn’t be such a big deal in heroics/raids where you’re probably sticking to healing rather than healing/DPS in the easier instances.

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